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Comparative Competition Law and Economics
Van den Bergh, Roger
- 24/10/2017

ISBN: 978-1-78643-832-4
Editorial: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
1ª ed.

Páginas: 576 Estado: Disponible

PVP: 64,00 € (IVA Incluido 4%)

Offering a concise and critical comparison of EU competition law and US antitrust law from an economic perspective, this is the ideal textbook for international and interdisciplinary courses combining law and economic approaches.
The book provides thorough coverage including the definition of market power, the use of horizontal and vertical restrictions, mergers and the unilateral conduct of dominant firms. It also includes discussion of problems relating to the enforcement of legal prohibitions, which will be of particular interest to practitioners and regulators.

With analysis of leading cases of EU competition law, US antitrust law and insightful case studies of competition laws in BRIC countries, this book succinctly highlights the key information and goes further to discuss the many issues relating to the use of economic analysis.

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